About Jim Forbes


Jim Forbes is a Traffic Systems Consultant who is highly recognized as a valuable resource and partner for municipal agencies, regional transportation agencies, transit authorities, traffic engineering consultants, and traffic signal manufacturers.

With an extensive knowledge and hands-on background of transportation products and traffic systems software applications, Jim is able to quickly assess and solve complex traffic system problems and present solutions to those problems in a way that both technical and non-technical people can understand and implement for success.  He understands all aspects of traffic signal systems: design and build of traffic systems products, operation of individual intersections, system installation and set-up, signal communication, central computer systems, and intersection coordination.

Jim combines this knowledge with his engineering skills and the common sense of how people and nature impact traffic in order to find solutions that take a theoretical concept and make it physically work per the plan and any required specifications.  And with over 35 years of working with clients and listening to project needs, Jim is able to not only ascertain the current situation, but to anticipate any future needs as well.  Diligent and thorough, Jim enjoys the constant challenge of working to service municipalities and solve their traffic management needs.

This unique combination of theoretical knowledge, practical design/build experience, and unyielding commitment has earned Jim both a U.S. Patent (for the design of a computer display which allows viewing of traffic signal coordination flow patterns) and the “Award for Outstanding Customer Service” (from the Maryland State Hwy Admin, Office of Traffic, and Safety).

Referred to as anexperts’ expertby his peers, Jim Forbes is the person engineers, municipalities, manufacturers, and consultants go to for knowledge, support and guidance.

Jim’s Background

Jim began his career performing traffic signal maintenance by trouble-shooting and providing solutions for the Superior Signal company. He then went on to work in a variety of sales, engineering and manufacturing positions throughout a 30+- year tenure at Econolite, a leading manufacturer of traffic signals and related components.  This hands-on, “ground-up” experience, rare in today’s transportation professional, has provided him with a 360-degree knowledge of all aspects of the traffic signal systems industry and has enabled Jim to deeply understand his clients’ immediate needs, find innovative solutions that can meet the bottom line, and anticipate what will be needed in the future for traffic success.