More of What People are Saying About Jim Forbes


“Jim is an expert in traffic signal control industry. His 30+ year experience makes his consulting activities so successful.  Everyone loves to work with him.”

– Dr. Xudong Jia, Chair of Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona


“I have worked with Jim on several projects and have always found him to be professional and knowledgeable. Jim has always provided helpful information that enhanced my ability to complete projects on time.”

– Ray Cauduro, VP of Marketing, GDI Communications LLC


“Jim is an expert of the highest order with the design and operation of traffic signal control equipment. Because of his in-depth knowledge of signal control equipment he is able to offer and develop solutions to very difficult and challenging traffic control problems that others may not have considered.  One of Jim’s strengths is his desire to collaborate with the engineering team during design to help meet the end goal of moving traffic in an efficient and effective manner.”

– Mark Esposito, PE, TE, PTOE, Hartzog & Crabill


“I have worked with Jim on several ITS projects. One of the most technical Sales Representatives I have worked with.  Great guy to work with before and after systems integration phases of a project.”

– George Gener, Program Manager at Iteris Inc.