Jim is known for providing outstanding customer service in the transportation industry because he approaches every project with the best interest of the client– and the safety of motorists and pedestrians –in mind.  And he takes the time to do it right.

Ensuring proper configuration and optimal traffic movement that considers traffic flow, pedestrian flow, queue length, preemption (railroad, emergency vehicle, & light-rail transportation), transit signal priority, and communication between neighboring intersections involves many various systems and products from a range of professionals and suppliers.  Jim’s knowledge base links engineers and products to agencies and computer systems so that projects are a coordinated effort that come together to work harmoniously.

Whether a project involves a single intersection or a large and busy corridor with multiple municipalities, Jim works hard to coordinate with all parties involved and serves as both facilitator and teacher to effectively build an environment of teamwork and provide knowledge and training that will be needed for the future.  As Jim says, “I don’t just give answers to a problem, I seek to provide my clients with the ‘know-how’ so they can fully understand and address potential issues in the future”.