Tech-Support & Troubleshooting


From Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) and traffic cabinet infrastructure to phase sequencing and intersection optimization for hardware and software operations, Forbes Traffic Solutions provides expert technical support and troubleshooting of problems system-wide to local and regional government agencies as well as engineering firms and product manufacturers.

With over 35 years of industry experience, Jim Forbes brings a deep understanding of how hardware and software interacts in order to quickly diagnose and solve complex traffic systems problems, saving valuable time and resources.

Tech-Support & Troubleshooting Includes:

  • Establishing and fine-tuning synchronized traffic signal systems
  • Conducting traffic safety evaluations
  • Establishing and implementing residential traffic management strategies
  • Traffic engineering
  • Reviewing development plans (site plans, internal circulation, intersection layout, etc.)
  • Peer review of roundabout designs
  • Troubleshooting multi-faceted traffic systems issues
  • Providing solutions that increase safety for the motoring public, and reduce liability for the agency
  • Extensive knowledge of Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing

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